Whalley, Richard Chaple

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, December 10 1812

brought me your very kind letter yesterday. Oh never make apologies for writing to me! You cannot do me a greater pleasure. I am delighted that you have seen my Saint of Chelwood – other Saints are going to heaven, but he is already there pour ainsi dire. I pity him for his disappointment of your not dining with him.

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, February 17 1815

I have not heard of the Saint of Chelwood very lately, the last account was tolerably good. Adieu my dearest Lady – In my state I could not have summoned congee to write so long a scrawl to any one else, at least it is proof of the sh[tear]

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, 23 August [1815]

Almost the only day I have been from hom[e] [tear] Saint Whalley came here – to take his final leave he said,* but I hope not so, as he was at Glastonbury Meeting. I trust he will finish his vol: of Sermons before he finishes his earthly career. –

Hannah More to Marianne Thornton, November 23rd 1816

I did indeed mourn for . wrote me a delightful character of her immediately on her death. Nor have I sustained a lighter loss in my beloved of Mitchem.* The behaviour of 7 is angelic. Last night had me the report of the death of my sainted friend Mr. Whalley. He seemed to be the nearest heaven of any man left on earth. It is a dying world. I seem to dwell among the tombs. Last night black gloves were brought for us for the death of our oldest friends. we were play fellows in childhood. God has given me many warnings and a long time for preparation may it not be in vain!

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, 23 April [1816]

I hope to see our dear Saint Whalley once more, he has half promised to come if he gets no worse in a week or two –