Hornton, Mrs H

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, December 29 1812

But among all the sensual gratifications with which you furnish me, I must not forget those of the intellect. Your pleasant letter was a treat to me. I felt inclined, but I resisted the inclination, to envy your Bible feast* at Cambridge I am astonished how continues to rise upon himself every time he speaks; but on this awakening Bible business, the heart helps out the head. It gives birth /to/ a joint production; piety as well as talent animating the piece Our County project for a Bible Society* is very uphill work. against it*. The Aristocracy friendly. I have been charmed with a letter I have just read on the occasion from manly decision and deep piety were strongly expressed. The noble and Royal Meeting at Westonmister [sic], headed by five Princes of the blood, will I trust give a new impulse to the Provincial Societies*. Mrs. H. Hornton who was present, gave me an interesting report of the day.