Stewart, Charles

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, 13 December [1815]

I have had a very interesting visit from my old friend /Revd/ Mr. Stewart, Son to . You know I believe that this excellent young Man near ten years ago, quitted not only the luxuries of his Station and the enjoyments of Society /but the common comforts of life, / and with his Bishop’s consent left his church preferment to go on a Mission to Canada.* There he has been living obscurely but not uselessly, for the Protestants of that place, Montreal &c are at length so awakened by his labours that they have agreed at their own expence to build four Churches and he is come to Europe for the sole purpose of procuring right sort of Ministers, and to claim the Stipend allowed by Government and the Society for Propagating the Gospel for those parts. I shall be looking out for pious prudent Men for him