Hannah More to Marianne Thornton, November 1817

I have obeyed commands in writing to the on the Subject of the Bristol Review, I shall see them soon when I shall be more explicit. I wished, when I read it that some of those horrid quotation from that Wretch * had been omitted, for tho they were doubtless inserted with a view to inspire horror, yet religion is more honoured by their exclusion than by their condemnation. I believe did not write it, yet as Editor* he might have prevented. As to Llalla Rooks* (I don’t know how to spell it) and other mischiefs of the Byron School they are so nauseous to me that I rarely look at them. I find the Review of was by *. I think it a Masterly criticism. I fancy too by the style that he reviewed French Literature*. I cannot agree with you in the condemnation of this Article. There was a passage or two I think I did not like, but I cant recollect what. I think it a very able Review. I know few persons who could have written it, because few possess such a knowledge of the French Writers. I do not agree him in his censures of [sic] or but that is more matter of taste. I was afforded [letter ends abruptly]