Sheppard, Mr

Hannah More to William Wilberforce

sent me some time ago a petition for a charitable case to be sent to you, who he understood had a large sum bequeathed you for that purpose. An old hawks! he is ten times richer than you are. That is, he does not spend a tenth of his income I dare say. I cut the matter short, told him I shou’d not so much as name it to you – that the Legacy was pledged to specific Objects – That your charity greatly exceeded your ability; and that depending on you myself for large supplies for my own schemes, I made it a rule to apply to you for no other – So much for – I hope you intend to get your Money of him at x times. I grudge that he is now making ten per Cent of it perhaps. Good old has written to me to write to the in favour of a Mr. Sheppard who was Curate to and who is Candidate for the Lectureship of St. Giles. Now I do not care to do it, as I never heard so much as the name of Mr. Sheppard. Do you know any thing of him and is he the sort of man you cou’d recommend to the Bishop? speaks of him as an upright moderate Man of good character, a good and diligent preacher poor, unprovided for, has a wife and children &c will I dare say send me a line with your view of this Subject – It strikes me that you shou’d tell the Bp what a mischievous Man that is. it is right the Bishops shou’d know that you disapprove of such mad fellows as much as they do, whereas they think if there is but methodism and certainty that alone disposes all in their favour.