Hannah More to Patty More, 4 August 1794 [copy, presented to EM Forster by his great aunt, Marianne Thornton

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MS: Cambridge University Library, Add.7674/1/1/L6, ff. 31-3
Published: Undetermined

I suppose by this time you expect I should give you some account of my adventures I am not yet at the place of my destination I got to Hertford Street in time to drink tea with the first Lord of the Admiralty & Mr. Serle & the Master Henry who very gallantly appeared soon after me. Wilberforces carriage came for me after breakfast & carried me to Battersea Rise to dinner where were both the Masters & Lord & Lady Balgonie. Wilberforces carriage took me after dinner the next stage where to my great surprise Henrys was waiting to carry me to my journeys end Theres politeness for you! Dont you think that the Masters improve! At Bitchworth the Prince of Wales’s fine Mr. Bouverie who fought the duel the other day, was stopping with his pretty wife. He says the Prince breakfasted with him the day before & told him that all was over between him & Mrs. Fitzherbert. I asked him if he thought they were ever married – he thinks not but is not sure

Tuesday My Masters Library
Battersea Rise

After dinner Henry & I go to Lady Waldegraves at hamstad [sic]. We, that is, your masters hope that you have put an end to sitting up, or you will get laid up. Willar is gone off to Teeston [unclear] to study, where he lives in pompous solitude

H More