Hannah More to Dr Carrick

To: Dr. Carrick/
Address: Clifton
Postmark: Present but illegible
Seal: A dove with an olive branch in red wax

Mrs H More/ 1 Septr – 25

MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Eng. lett. d. 2, ff. 259-61.
Published: Undetermined

My dear Sir

Even in your School-boy days you have heard of the building of the Pyramids of Egypt, the Temple of Ephesus; of Alexander passing the Granicus, of Cesar’s conquering the World, and other wonderful events which make a figure in History – But what are all these tiny exploits to the one which I am going, with the gravity suited to the occasion to unfold? Other heroes have conquered Men, it /is/ reserved for Dr Carrick to conquer

‘A wilful Woman labouring for her /purpose/’

Yes! the door, the all important door is made; yes! and to make assurance double sure there are two /green doors/ looking each other in the face. I cannot quite say that I consented so much as submitted to this infraction of the will, but submission is surely more meritorious than base acquies/cence/

– We always read History with double satisfaction when /of/ the Writer like Xenophon and Thacidides we can say Magna pais fuct [unclear].

Now does not the present application of the remark involve both the Projector and the Operator? As I am determined to get a little bit of credit for myself I resign to you the higher glory of discovery, invention design and plan, so that the renown of the execution may be left to me.

The newly opened passage has suggested the farther improvement in the adjoining Chamber, of kicking the bed down stairs, bringing up the Drawing Room furniture and fitting up the room to receive my company. This opening so enlarges my Bastile as to extend my walk from 24 to 48 feet.

Nothing but your untireable kindness could make me take up your precious time with such a trifling scrawl.

I go on pretty well on the whole, but I must not expect that superfluity of health which I enjoyed for 2 or 3 Months, as the trying season is coming on.

With my most affectionate respects to your dear Lady believe me my dear Sir
Your ever grateful
and obliged
H More