Hannah More to Dr Carrick


MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Eng. lett. d. 2, ff. 265-66.
Published: Undetermined

This sublime and affecting Monody was not written, but spoken Extempore on seeing the body of a large fat Pig dragged up the Hill to the House for dissection

This new Edition has the Addition of several lines.

The saddest sight that e’er was seen
Was Piggy rolling up the Green!
Tho’ dragged, he still would roll close,
Downward, like Sisyphus’s stone.
This Pig, as good as e’er was sold,
Was worth – not quite his weight in gold.

That Pork’s unwholesome Doctors tell us,
But of the fact I’m somewhat jealous:
And I believe, beyond all question,
Bacon is sovereign for digestion:
For this one cause, among a few,
I’m glad I was not born a Jew.
No Quadruped, like Piggy claims
To give his flesh such various names.
The Calf and Sheep half starve the Glutton,
Producing only Veal and Mutton;
While all extol the liberal Swine
For Griskin and the savoury Chine.
How nobly does the brawney Flitch
Adorn the table and enrich!
The stately Ham, the Rasher small,
Are liked in every shape, and all.
Who dares confess he knows no good in
The poignant sausage, and black puddin?
The Spare-rib, Sweetbone, Ears and Snout,
My Bill of Fare will quite make out;
I might adduce each form and feature,
But dare not swell my Nomenclature,
For I disdain my song to close
By stooping to the Petty-toes.

Tho a genteel and graceful Pig,
I never saw him dance a Jig;
Yet when he round the field would prance
It might be called a Country Dance.

Those Men who dancing lives have led,
Are worse than nothing when they are dead;
While Piggy’s goodness ne’er appears
Till, closed his eyes, and stopped his ears.
If hang’d, or kept, as some contended,
In either case he’s still Sus-pended.

Tho’ feeding spoilt his Shape and beauty,
Yet feeding was in him a duty:
In spite of this reproof, or that,
Twas his sole merit to grow fat;
No need of sorrow or repentence,
Death was to him no awful sentence.
How many a Gourmand proud & big,
Might envy thy last Hours O Pig!