Hannah More to Mrs Carrick

To: Mrs. Carrick
Seal: Red wax

MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Eng. lett. d. 2, ff. 267-8
Published: Undetermined

My dear Madam

It was with no small concern that I lately heard dear Dr. Carrick had been ill, but I was much relieved by hearing almost immediately after, by my Coachman that he had seen him passing the Street in his carriage.

Most earnestly do I hope that he is before this perfectly restored to his usual state of health, and that he does not suffer from the long continuance of this Tropical weather

The ground here more resembles a continual gravel walk, than a green pasture, but the foliage of the trees is more luxuriant than ever, and in many places the leaves are larger than usual.

I hope the grapes I have taken the liberty to send will be found cooling and Salutary after Doctor Carrick’s late indisposition

With My kindest and most grateful regards to both I remain my dear Madam yours very
faithfully H. More

Miss Frowd desires her best respects to both.