Hannah More to Thomas Cadell

To: Thos Cadell Esqr
Seal: Red wax

MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Montagu d. 19, f. 128-9
Published: Undetermined

Dear Sir

I write from my bed to which I have been confined by a cold and fever for a week. Thro’ the mercy of God I seem to be gaining ground You will see by the accompanying Book that we have more Pirates. It [seems] [blot] to be time to look about it. My servant saw this book in the Window of a very obscure Bookseller, went in and bought it for 4 Shilligs.!!

Sir Alexr. Johnston writes me that he has called on you, and that you wished to have the slight rhymes in the Feast of Freedom (which have been by me some years as not worth notice) in the new Edition which you seem to have in Contemplation of the whole works. It will be entirely at your Service together with the Musick which it seems the eminent Composer Mr. Wesley had carried to the King.

You are the best judge and to your judgment I leave the whole, but I should think you have a great number of the present Editions on hand. I should have several little sketches of poetry by me Indeed I ought to look over the whole if possible to correct /it,/ but I shall [not] [tear] find time. When I am well I hav[e] [tear] crowds [unclear] of company that I have no ti[me] [tear] My last guests were the Archbishop of Dublin and his family, author of the valuable work on the ‘Atonement’.

I hope your family are all well. Pray present my regards to the Bristol Lady as I call her
Yours sincerely
H More