Hannah More to Dr Carrick

To: Dr. Carrick/
Address: Clifton
Seal: Red wax

On the address leaf in another hand is written ‘Mrs. H More’.

MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Eng. lett. d. 2, ff. 285-6.
Published: Undetermined

My dear Sir

I take the liberty of adding to your desert the accompanying Pine! I hope it will prove as good as it looks. I hope both yourself and your dear Lady are well. After a little interruption of two or three weeks, with Nausea &c I am, through the mercy of God, now as well as [unclear] in spite of the Myriads which from one o clock to three almost daily croud my Drawing Room. I hope you will one day see the addition I have made to my small Domain by the purchase of a small beautiful Wood &c. At my great age it does not sound very creditable to be adding, as the Scripture says, “field to field”; but the truth is, the land is close to my own, and the purchaser would probably have built a house, which I should have accounted a great annoyance during the short time of my remaining here.

I remain my dear Sir with true affection and lively gratitude your ever faithful and obliged
H More.