Hannah More to Unknown


MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Autogr. b. 10, ff. 945-6
Published: Undetermined

My dear Sir

I wriote to you at the Hotwells a week ago, fearing You might arrive without being appriz’d how ready and willing we were to receive You. Since that I have had the pleasure of your letter from Carmarthen. I calculate you may be arrivd about this time at Bristol. I therefore lose not a moment to say that we shall expect you every hour till we see you, and that we shall be for the present quite at liberty to enjoy your Society. You will of course bring Your [word missing?] who will be in the house to attend You all the day and who /will/ lodge in the adjoining village our night accommodate [sic] not being of the most ample kind.

I hope this hasty line will preclude all ceremony in your coming
to dear Sir
Yours very faithfully
H More