More to Dr Carrick

To: Dr. Carrick/
Address: Clifton/ Bristol
Postmark: No. 25
Seal: a stylised capital M in red wax.

MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Eng. lett. d. 2, ff. 290-1
Published: Undetermined

My dear Sir

I return you my most cordial thanks for your very kind remembrance in sending me such beautiful Pheasants. I am in danger of growing very vain in my old Age, that two personages each eminent in his way should enter into a competition, unknown to each /other,/ which should be the first to present game to a poor old Woman. but you my dear Sir had the advantage. your game arrived one day before a liberal basket from the Duke of Gloucester who said he was proud to be first in making me such an offering before any one else. he was mis/taken/

I was pretty severely indisposed for /some/ weeks with loss of appetite, and nausea with all food especially liquid; it was succeeded by a feverish cold, but thro’ the mercy of my heavenly Father, I am restored to my usual state

I hope you and your dear lady are quite well

With every feeling of gratitude for the present, as well as a long succession of kindnesses believe me my very dear Sir
Your obliged and
ever grateful
Hannah More

Miss Frowd’s best respects