Hannah More to Charles Ogilvie

To: Mr. Charles Ogilvie/
Address: at Mr. Davis’s/ Brunswick Square/ Bristol
Postmark: WRINGTON
Seal: Black wax

MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Eng. lett. d. 124, ff. 103-4
Published: Undetermined

Dear Sir

My Sister Patty and myself have /been/ both closely confined with illness, we are still far from recovered. It was a great disappointment to us not to be able to go to Nailsea last Sunday; we earnestly hope we shall be able to next Sunday; but as that is very uncertain, I write a line to say you had better not trust to any thing so precarious. I propose to you to come to us on friday, and /if/ we should be sufficiently recovered we will take you back on Sunday Morning; if otherwise you will stay /with/ us till Saturday afternoon, as I should be sorry to rob the School of your superintendence on Sunday.

Pray remember us very kindly to Mrs. Davis and family and believe me
Yours very sincerely
H More