Hannah More to William Wilberforce [Incomplete]


MS: Weston Library, University of Oxford, MS Wilberforce c. 48, f. 54
Published: Undetermined

My dear Friend

I hope you will think we have done wonders in Bristol considering the shortness of the time – I next thought of Manchester. I named to a very sensible Neighbour, Mrs. Quincey, late of Manchester your idea about getting petitions for Christianizing India, She sent me the inclosed desiring me to get a Frank and send it, but we are both so afraid we have not exactly met your wishes that I think it safer to trouble you to read it – You will probably blot out the word Episcopal – If you approve it you will get some one else to frank it. Mrs. Q’s brother Major Penson in India is an eminently pious Man. I think it will be right to inclose the papers I have cut out of the Bristol Paper in the Manchester Letter. – Send me half a line to say whether you approve of the Manchester Plan and have sent the letter, that I may second it by writing to another friend, a Clergyman in that Town, who I dare say will be useful tho he has not so much influence as Mr. Hall

[In another hand is written at this point Private]

I think it will give you pleasure to hear that I have had a warm and most friendly letter from a certain Episcopal Preceptor to inform me that he has just [deletion] made his illustrious Pupil read throughout with him, “a certain Two Volumes written some years ago for her immediate instruction, that she read it with the deepest attention, and constantly expressed the highest approbation.” It gives me pleasure to know before I die that the book has not been written altogether in vain, and that the Bp. had the wisdom to keep it back till she was of an age to understand it. I implore you to keep this to yourself