Hewitt, Alicia Oliver

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, [20? October 1815] [incomplete]

Yesterday was quite an Irish day as it brought me letters from the ,* , and Lady Lifford.* The latter was happy in the expectation of Lady O. Sparrow the next day. The Archp. gives but a gloomy picture of the state of his part of Ireland! I was sorry to see both Knox and Jebb date from Cashel or Limerick, as it makes me fear you missed them at Bellevue, but I hope not.

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, 13 December [1815]

We have got a new Neighbour a Son of ,* who is curate of Blagdon, Lady Lifford &c wrote to recommend him strongly to me. He is but just three and twenty, very amiable with much naiveté and good nature, takes advice kindly, and allows me to say any thing to him, and I try to give my opinions in a fine cheerful way not to frighten him. He has of course much to learn, being but just escaped from Christ Church;* he is very kind to the poor and already much liked by them, he seems humble, has no high notions, but talks of his little self denials and frugal management with much openness. I let him come when he likes and hope to be in some little degree useful to him as I know the people. He is about to marry a very young Girl, much will depend on her turn of Mind.

To Lady Olivia Sparrow, 04 August [1817]

Last Week we had our Annual Bible Meeting. It was a very good one, good collection, & good speaking We had 29 Clergymen of the Establishment. Poor was not able to attend, but notwithstanding her bad health, we supported the good cause by inviting about 60 to dinner and 120 to tea. We had a good many Clifton friends. Lady Lifford the ’s , (who looked woefully) and her brother who made a speech. I have had a very pious letter from poor Lord Edward* who feels his loss deeply, but submits to the hand which inflects [sic] it [tear] You will have felt for poor .* W[hat] [tear] good might she not have done with those super eminent talents! May she have found Mercy! and came to us last week H[e is] [tear] a fine noble minded creature, and I hope will be an instrument of much good.