Hannah More to Mrs Smyth Pigott, after 1826

To: Mrs. Smyth Pigott
Address: Brockley Hall
Stamped: None
Postmark: None
Seal: None
Watermarks: 1826


MS: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge: Perceval J108
Published: Undetermined

My dear Madam

I cannot allow any hand but my /own/ to thank you cordially for your very kind and obliging Note. I trust I need not say that I shall be happy to receive you and your dear young Ladies any fine morning you please . As to the baby I so doat on pretty children, (especially those of my friends) that I wont promise not to devour him, but if you will run the risque I shall delight to see him

Miss Frowd joins in best regards with my dear Madam
Your very faithful
and obliged
H More


The letter is dated based on the watermark.