Hannah More to Marianne Thornton, October 16th 1815

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MS: Cambridge University Library, Add.7951/2
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My dear Miss Thornton

Glory and honour and praise be unto Him that sitteth on the Throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever! [1]

My dearest Marianne what an honour, what a privilege, to have had two such parents! What a joy unspeakable in the midst of heart-breaking sorrow to see them bear their dying testimony to the faithfulness and truth of God, and /enabled/ to give such incontestable proofs of the reality of the Christian religion. – She is now reunited to him whom she so tenderly loved on earth, she now makes one of the glorious Society in heaven, of the Spirits of the just made perfect.

Tho our souls are sorrowful yet let them be thankful also. I rejoyce to hear from this best of human Authorities how you my dear young friend are supported under this heavy, very heavy blow: that tho your father and Mother have forsaken you yet the Lord taketh you up .[2] He will bless you all with the best of his blessings, for you are the children of many prayers. It is not the least of his Mercies that you are surrounded with so many friends; and what friends! It will I trust be a wonderful support to your mind, but you have a still higher support; yet one blessing of the friends with which you are so richly provided is, that they will be leading you both by their conversation and example to look to that sustaining hand all here deeply sympathize with you. For my own part I am wanting the comfort I am attempting to give for my own loss is great.

My love to your dear children, Yours they now are.
God bless and console you all
Yrs. ever
H More

When little Louisa was up weeping last night on receipt of Mr. Wilberforce’s letter, she lifted up her hands and cried God bless dear little Etta!


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