Hannah More to Marianne Thornton, Thursday, unknown date

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MS: Cambridge University Library Add. 7674/1/E 8
Published: Undetermined

My very dear Marianne

The Harfords were with me when your very welcome letter arrived. – Come! come! I shall be most happy to see you and dear Sophia, and not the least glad to see my dear Ancient Burton, the last I believe left in this land of nunnery abroad. Tell Sophia that Mary is very glad at the prospect of having such a helper in cleaning and cooking, and I will pay her wages for hard work by giving her a kiss every morning. I am glad you go to the Harfords first – as soon as you arrive there send me a line to warn the welcome hour when I may expect the really great gratification of seeing three such dear Creatures. It was certainly my Goddaughter’s turn.[1]

If I scribble on I may lose the Post – so God bless you all with the best of his blessings, grace and peace.

Amen – Your truly affectionate H More

Miss Frowd bids me say she shall be happy to make your acquaintance. She and Louisa desire best regards -

Let our excellent Mr. Macaulay know when you come in case he has any thing to send


More was godmother to her namesake, Hannah More Macaulay, b. 1810.