Hannah More to Mrs Smith, unknown date [According to Smith]

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Postmark: None
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MS: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge: Perceval J107
Published: Undetermined

My dear Madam

I have been for some time looking out for a conveyance of the inclosed Urns which were due to you after the Bazaar, and Louisa has daily put me in mind as she said her purchase was not equal to your bounty /recievd/ before – I was very glad to hear from You and that you were happily restored – a thousand thanks for the fine grapes – How are the dear young ones, especially my sweet little friend?

My good friend Miss Frowd is so kind as to take the pen from me, as my eyes are not equal to say more than that I am my
dear Madam
faithfully yours
H More

You will be almost more in our Neighbourhood at Weston than at Wraxall[1]


More exaggerates here. Weston-super-Mare lies about twelve miles west of Wrington, whilst Wraxall is just ten miles to the north.